The TEK-CADRE project is the next generation interactive wireframe software and gives the power to quickly and easily deliver much more than typical mockup tools. TEK-CADRE wireframe tool bring best of technology to creating a quick UI mockup or highly polished wireframes, features like widgets, libraries, grids and guides, and keyboard shortcuts save your time. Design an Android or iPhone app interface and view it right on your mobile device, generate an interactive HTML website wireframe or UI mockup without coding. Then, send a link to clients or users to review.

TEK-CADRE brings more advanced features like real-time collaboration, integrated VOIP and WebEx allows distributed teams to collaborate and bring the ideas into visual. Show your client a working website wireframe or application prototype and watch the ideas flow. Or engage them with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device actually running your mobile prototype. It's not your average mockup software.

Today, the economies of scale are being replaced by economies of speed. The one who gets there first –wins. Markets are increasingly global. Organizations see internationalization in customers, products, vendors, competitors and partners. Pressure rises to improve productivity with decreased time to market. All the while organizations are continually driven to become more cost effective and efficient, of course without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

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